Favorite Memoirs

I love reading memoirs. I read celebrity memoirs or those of unknown people …as long as they are not boring. Like the old saying goes, ‘everyone has a story. A few years ago I read Jane Fonda’s book ‘My life So Far’. It was so well written that I was sure she had help. I searched to find a second name (in small print) but there was none so I had to assume she wrote it herself. It’s worth a read. Do any of you have favorite autobios, bios, memoirs?
This week I had some good news. Goodbye Junie Moon received its first Amazon review and it was five stars. I don’t know who the reviewer was but I send a big Thank You!


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  1. luvmyaka
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 00:26:28

    Hello June, I found your blog on Goodreads. And yes “everyone has a story to tell’ that is the first line from my memoir, Sunday Mourning. I feel so at home here on you blog, I use to have the same theme when I first started blogging. You have a new follower now on board.


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