On the 11th July H.J. Halterman posted a ‘comment’ on this blog. He informed me that one of the ‘bad guys’ from my story has recently passed away. Death always sets us thinking about the deceased.
My feelings about this person’s passing were ambivalent. Long ago I lost my anger. Over time I always forgive. We all have good in us and this person did too. He  previously had a brilliant military career and was bathed in glory – until his own actions took it away. As the instrument of his exposure, I expect he hated me to the end.
Do I have regrets? Not really! The unjust actions of he and his cohorts dishonoured many young men at a crucial time in their lives.
As I stated in the foreward of Goodbye Junie Moon, there are seldom any rewards for whistle blowers and often harsh consequences.
I would not want to have to do it again – my emotions quieted long ago. But if I found myself in that same situation once more – and if my emotions were again stirred to turbulence by my conscience – I would have no choice.
As always, I gratefully acknowledge whistleblowers everywhere.


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