Real Women Can Be Loud!

I consider myself a passionate person. Whatever I do, I throw myself into it with fervor. The same goes for conversation – I listen avidly to another’s good story and I can become excited when relating my own. If I’m excited my voice may grow loud and I have a habit of emphasizing a point by waving my arms about. Mind you, my voice is not normally loud – well not that loud. My mother always said that a visit from me felt like a cyclone had blown through. A conservative lady, she meant it in a nice way. Moments of her life were enlivened by living vicariously through me.
Now I admit that I may become loud when excited! It is hard to contain excitement and I am still as curious and full of life as ever. If that occasionally transpires into unmannerly vocal chords, so-be-it! In moments of exuberance I have even been known to let out a yahoo or two. Quite frankly, I’ve never given a damn for social/political correctness! Discipline and self control are admirable traits and necessary if you are in the military. For a writer with a zest for life, too much of either can stifle creativity and life’s joie de vivre.
Robin Moore(author, The French Connection) always said “You’ve got to live it up to write it down.” I endorse that thought, even if it was an excuse for life’s excesses.
That’s my thought for the day. Now on with the story;


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