IN Search of Truth.

IN Search of Truth.

This is a group for anyone who is interested in REAL life which probably eliminates many. This group is not into Fantasy- Horror- and the innumerable women out there ‘trying to find themselves’ in print at our expense – including  ‘Eat, Love, Pray’. Even if it was a best seller, I couldn’t finish it. What good does it do the reader that some stranger ‘found themself.’ Join here if you have the courage and feel the same way. There is nothing better than a good, true, upbeat story about ‘Real People’ who are not lost.
Give us a bit more humor and a bit more reality and to hell with ‘political correctness’!


The above is the heading for a group I am moderating on ‘Goodreads’, the popular site where authors, readers, and bloggers meet.

I don’t expect my group to become popular as there are so many fans of Fantasy and Horror. That is fine by me. My goal is to find those out there who still find pleasure in reading about ‘real’ life, ‘real’ people.

And I am not trying to disparage the many women who are writing books as a form of catharsis while they attempt to find themselves. If you too are lost and such books help you – then, right on! But as for me, I have never been ‘lost’ and with few exceptions, I gain nothing from such books and find them hard to read. I sometimes think that the words ‘being lost’ might actually denote ‘being dissatisfied.

Have you ever noticed that men never say they are lost or trying to find themselves?
Don’t confuse ‘finding themselves’ with finding ‘their way’. They are, of course, entirely different.

As life unfolds, we all change in various ways. The person we were as a young child does not always indicate the person we will evolve into as a teenager- or in our forties – or in more mature years. Our life’s experiences shape and mould us. We are in many ways like a book; not all chapters are the same and nor should they be.

If you have read my book Goodbye Junie Moon, you may have noticed that I constantly said that I didn’t know ‘where I belonged’. Again, this is not the same as the above. I was never lost, even though I have been many different people; – the young, innocent girl; the worldly woman. After returning from war, many people have difficulty finding where they fit back in. It took awhile but eventually I once again ‘belonged.’

I hope my Goodreads group attracts a few like minded souls. People who find pleasure in reading about other people’s lives; their trials and triumphs. Or people who like to laugh at life. Nothing beats a good laugh. I am not, however, holding my breath!


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