The two subjects of heading are not related.
During the past week, in my endeavour to get some recognition for my memoir Goodbye Junie Moon, I wasted more money. This time I wrote a press release and paid $299 to a Press Release company called MMD. After comparing several such companies, they seemed like the best. Think again!  They claimed to send my Press Release out to thousands of newspapers, magazines and and radio stations. I got not a nibble. I’m sure they would say it was because I did not pay the extra $500 to have them write it.

I know ‘memoirs’ by unknown writers are at the bottom of the reading pile. Still, I thought some of the older readers might remember my story and be interested. It looks like ‘Old news is no news.’ Normally I would say ‘DARN’ but this time I expostulate (good word, Huh!)  SHIT!!!  So, YOU INDIE AUTHORS, I’ll keep you updated on my trials. I am determined to beat this system.
NOW, for NON AUTHORS, you might wonder where Mitt Romney fits in. – Did you watch Clint Eastwood trying to promote Mitt on TV this week?
I almost cried. I’ve always loved ‘tough guys’ starting way back when I was a schoolgirl and I fell for Humphrey Bogart. I’ve watched Casablanca dozens of times and even took a trip to that city and looked at the place where the movie was made.
In later years I have dreamed of a few passionate interludes with either Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood. What happened to Clint? He could NEVER grow old! He could fight anything,- even old age, couldn’t he? Alas, this is one battle he has lost and it made me aware of my own mortality. Bruce, if you read this, don’t show your face unless you’ve had a face lift or used at least a gallon of face cream. It’s just all too depressing.

 I almost forgot Mitt, but YES, he looks okay. But then so does Barack. They’re probably using the same dentist.
Until next time, Cheers.


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