November is my least favorite month!

I used to like the end of the year when all my children were young and we lived in Seattle. There was Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. There were turkeys and stuffing and visiting friends and prayers for snow. As Christmas drew near the children were happy, anticipating the holidays and their Christmas gifts. I did not even mind the long lines in the shops as I imagined the smiles on my children’s faces when they opened their gifts.
How that has changed! My children are grown. Christmas is now TOO commercial and it is hard to shop for people who already have everything. The shops are so crowded and courtesy has almost disappeared.
After my move to Australia I tried carrying on the Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions of a big turkey feast but after a couple of years, I tired of sweating over a hot stove in 80 degree heat. Thanksgiving was abandoned but I still struggled on in the heat with Christmas.
After five years I gave up and joined the other Aussies who spent Christmas day enjoying the beach while eating prawns and cold cuts. It’s just not the same in a heat wave. Imitation Pine trees don’t smell as good and even Poinsettias, artificially induced to blossom in December don’t feel the same.
As for Christmas lights? Here they are a rarity – viewed by many on a FEW streets NOT on every house on every street. However, times have changed worldwide. There are more people driving more cars now so we have to consider global warming.
Call me a humbug but I have tried to escape Christmas the last few years. It is hard to do. The boat cruises celebrate the season. And even non Christian countries now celebrate something(?) with gift giving and decorations. Is there nowhere to run?
This year I will probably settle down in front of the computer and write a few paragraphs while sipping a glass of Merlot or two. I might even indulge in a few prawns and of course, I’ll check my emails……Yes, times have changed!

UNRELATED P.S.    If anyone wants to read another chapter from my unfinished sequel to GJM, let me know in a comment and I’ll add one more.


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  1. BABYBOOMER johanna van zanten
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 16:08:00

    Hi June,
    I feel the same about Christmas and will travel home to Canada this year from Mexico, as it is the quietest and cheapest way to travel. I am taking advantage of the preoccupation of others with stuffing faces and unwrapping gifts that nobody wanted.
    As so many holidays also Christmas has strayed far from the quiet and internally directed days meant to contemplate the seasons and our blessings: it has been high jacked by global companies for a profit. Have a drink and a shrimp on me on the beach!


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