Well Christmas is here and I no longer do it!

Too hot – too tired – too humbug! But there was a time when it was a big deal in our home (Seattle USA then). With six adopted kids ranging in ages from three to thirteen, I HAD to do it. (They were the ages they were when I adopted them.) Those kids came from Korea, India, Columbia and the USA.  Most of them had never heard of Christmas ( or spoke English, at first.) But Christmas is all about Kids and Jesus. (Or regarding the latter, it used to be)
We started our day with a bowl of chinese soup for breakfast. That was their combined favorite breakfast.
For kids who had never had ANYTHING, the Christmas tree, decorations and heaps of giftwrapped presents was mind boggling. I kept the table set all morning with candies and any snack that looked pretty and was unhealthy. The Christmas music was drowned out by their excited chattering and laughter as they unwrapped and played with their new and wonderful gifts.

Later, when things settled down, we gathered outside and wrote ‘Happy Birthday Jesus” on balloons with felt tipped pens. After we released them into the air, we went inside and said a prayer of thanks before sitting down to a traditional American dinner. My husband, being American, (I’m an Aussie), was a great turkey cook and while he roasted and stuffed the turkey, I did the veggies and desserts. A team effort! (Keep in mind that in our family, we frequently ate  more ethnic food) As I looked around the table at their smiling faces, black, brown, yellow and white, it was hard to stifle a tear. Isn’t that how the world should be and always should have been? And shouldn’t every child have a family and experience life like that?
By now most of them have left home and some of them have children of their own. I hope they are enjoying the traditions I taught them. But as for me — I’m taking it easy.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season everyone. Don’t forget the reason for the season and love one another………..


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  1. Lee
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 22:59:40

    Been there; done that so many times I’ve lost count. I no longer do it! I gave up going “crazy” over Christmas lunch about four years ago. I used to do the “whole catastrophe”, but nowadays…..and similar will be happening this Christmas day…. I treat myself to a feast of cold Aussie seafood…accompanied by crunchy-crusted fresh baguettes, vinegar, lemon, pepper and salt…with loads of stone fruit, watermelon, napkins and a large finger bowl;and I’m in Seventh Heaven or higher, even! With my stereo (yes…I still used a stereo system…call me “old fashioned”, I won’t mind…playing some of my favourite music in the background, a glass or three of wine (this year’s drop of choice will be Jacob Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc); and perhaps a couple of ice-cold Crownies at hand….what more could I ask for? Oh! Yes! There is something else…every Christmas morning other than last Christmas when I spent it with a nephew and his family, I love my Peach Bellinis…if I can’t find peach nectar on the supermarket shelf…it’ll be Mango Bellinis! Both are equally delicious!


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