I mentioned two weeks ago that I would be posting interviews with other authors whose work I admire. This week I would like you to meet Nitra.
Guest Author Interview
1. What is the title of your most recent book and what genre does it fall into?
The book is a memoir/biography titled: “The Real Verdict, My Quest for the Freedom I Never Had”
About the book:
A child doesn’t choose her lot in life; but, ultimately, she is the artisan of her destiny. First-time author Nitra Gipson poignantly illustrates this perspective in her captivating autobiography, chronicling her life from early childhood to the present. Growing up in a family wracked with secrets, young Nitra constantly nurtured her dream to strive and achieve academic success. Her ambition was cultivated by her mother and uncles, who recognized her budding potential. Although she recognized her intrinsic worth, Nitra was constantly demoralized by people in her family and acquaintance circles. Through it all, she lived in fear, harboring a terrible secret of her own: From the ages of three to eleven, she endured physical abuse, perpetrated by a family member. Despite her desperate attempts to reveal the truth, her outcries were ignored. Under threats and intimidation, the little girl harbored the secret for years, until she faced her reality, found her voice, and put an end to the horror. Notwithstanding that triumph, Nitra’s quest for personal freedom was far from over. At the age of thirteen, she witnessed her uncle’s high profile murder trial and execution. Then, five years later, she faced one of America’s most formidable corporate behemoths in the courtroom, striving to prove her innocence of a crime that she did not commit. Who would ever believe that an unassuming girl from Texas could prevail against such a foe?
About the author:
Nitra Gipson comes from Houston, Texas. I was raised in a dysfunctional family, and the repercussions of psychological, emotional, and physical abuse, sustained during my childhood nearly shattered her life. Living my private pain and my uncle’s tragic public death by execution galvanized my interest in the law and the workings of the legal system. In December, 2008, I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. In the interim, I sued one of the nation’s largest corporate entities after being falsely accused of committing a felony while on its premises. A sizeable award ensued from the verdict in my favor. I define my success and personal accomplishments by my relationships with loved ones and supporters, most notably my mother, siblings, and fiancé, with whom I envision a future filled with hope. I published my first book The Real Verdict, to help and let others know they are not alone and we can be the voice for others. We all have power and we can take it back from our abusers.
2. Is it available just about anywhere? It’s available online at any bookstore website and some local bookstores.
Would you provide at least some of the links for it?:
Barnes and Noble: http://tinyurl.com/8d72lq8
Publisher: www.xlibris.com
3. Who or what inspired you to write this particular book? Initially I started to write to relieve some of the stress I was living with. It was very therapeutic. After I began to write I found a better purpose other than myself. I felt I needed to encourage other abuse victims and their loved ones. Hoping I would help them help each other and speak out about things they’ve experienced. I felt that I could save a child or help an adult.
4. What makes it unique?
Well, I think some may say every memoir is unique because every story is so different. But I think my story is unique because of the sensitive subject. Not everyone can tell a story about sexual abuse and family incest, especially while just coming to terms with the realities of the abuse. In my memoir I talk me standing up to my abuser at only 11. When I realized it was wrong and that someone outside of my family could help me stop it, I didn’t care about what happened after trying to stop it.
5. Were there particular problems you addressed in writing this book? I really focused on abuse with children and especially when the abuser is a family member. Families tend to overlook, abused children when the perpetrator is a close family member. Sometimes they feel a need to be loyal to perpetrator and the child. We must understand it can’t be both ways. The child is always innocent and the perpetrator should held accountable for their actions. We don’t pick the families we’re born into and it is sad to say that we may have a member of our family that has serious problems that can’t be solved by just giving them a pass because they’re family. We have to realize we’re doing more harm than good by not holding everyone accountable for their actions especially involving a child. It’s difficult for a child to hold an adult accountable for their actions without the help of another adult. Loyalty should start with children. Those who can’t help themselves.
6. Who would you choose to play the leading role(s) if you book were made into a movie? Wow that is a hard one! I never really thought that far… I love Angela Basset, she plays great strong women roles in biographies. Since most of my book reflects my life as a child, I’m lost with that. I guess I would have to wait and see!
7. What other books would you compare your book to? Well I don’t have a particular book in mind but I would compare it to any inspirational book for adults. Some people need a little inspiration, especially child abuse victims.
8. Do you have anything else in the works that you’d like to talk about? Currently I’m working on different poems. Similar to those in my book. Each chapter in my book begun with my feelings, mental state and thoughts at that time in my life. Since I’m at a different time in my life and I’m in a much better place than where I was before, I want to continue to inspire others. Child Abuse victims can’t control their childhood but we can control our adult life.
9. What makes you the best person to tell this story? My memoir is about my life and how I perceived it as a child and then as an adult. There’s no better person to tell this story but me.
10. Is your book dedicated to anyone, if so who and why? I didn’t decide who I would dedicate it to until after my book was completed. Initially i wanted to dedicate it to all abuse victims but after completing it I decided to dedicate it to my mom. I wanted to thank her for giving me life, so that I can help others and maybe save a life. Quite the contrary because I felt she was a little careless in protecting my sister and I from a child predator. But in the course of writing my book I learned a lot about abuse and my mom. Abuse normally continue for generations until one person stand up to stop it. She gave me life, so I could be that one person to stand up and speak out to stop it. There’s not anything on this earth that I could do to repay her or show her my gratitude for it. Writing a book to help others while helping myself was everything I could ask for!
11. What problems did you face writing your book? My biggest problem was revealing the details of my abuse to everyone. No one knew about my abuse so writing the book was shocking to the people closest to me. I had to go back to those moments and relive them over again. It was hard but I knew it was something I needed to do. In doing so I encouraged other family members to speak out about their abuse.

Nitra Gipson

Author: The Real Verdict

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