Profusion of serious books.

For weeks – months, I’ve been talking about my book, Goodbye Junie Moon and the sequel, Junie Moon Rising. At last, I’m sick of talking about myself. So what now? More than anything, I’m ready for a laugh.
I own a Kindle and that gives me the opportunity to download hundreds of free ebooks.
This is a great boon to readers but not so good for authors. Nevertheless, I have downloaded more free books than I currently have time to read. And I know there are many in the same boat.
What I am finding is that there are very few books on humor these days. Have we all become too serious? It seems that we don’t want to laugh but we want to tremble. Just check out the thousands of books on monsters, zombies, creatures of unimaginable fantasy.

Then there are the so-tagged Misery Memoirs. I recently listened to an editor from a major publishing company talking on the ABC. She said that a huge percentage of manuscripts she receives are about people surviving cancer. I can understand this. The majority of writers are women and the majority of cancer sufferers seem to be women. The percentage of us getting this dreaded disease are appalling.
Cancer is certainly a major event in anyone’s life. Life and death! What can get your attention more than that? So I can understand the women wanting to write about their survival. I applaud their strength – their good fortune that they are here to write. I thank God for their recovery but I don’t want to read about it (even though so many do.)
I myself am a grateful, and miraculous survivor of ovarian cancer. From day one I wanted to attack it, overcome it, yet take away its power at every turn. Therefore, I rarely spoke about it – except occasionally to others who were in the same boat as me. I did not join any support groups. When I lost my hair I wore a bright pink vinyl wig that I bought at Crazy Clarkes. I hated answering the phone because friends spoke to me in lowered voices, hushed, as if they were in the presence of death. I tried to beat them to it by snatching up the phone and speaking in the brightest tone possible. You might have thought I was on stage in a musical.
So I am strong and healthy now. I am grateful every single day but I don’t care to rehash it or cry over someone else’s battle, even though my heart goes out to them – most especially if they are children or have young children.
My sister had school-age children when she discovered she had breast cancer. I worried more for her than I did for myself. And she handled it differently from me. She did attend all the groups, and cried when other group members’ she had befriended died. Then after she went into remission she became a dynamo at holding highly successful morning teas and raising money for cancer research. Thank God for her and those like her. But as for me, I want to put it behind me. Of course, I contribute what funds I can to cancer research – especially for the treatment of children. We are all different and we all handle the crisis of life in different ways. I’m sure there is no right or wrong way – just what works best for each of us.

So now I’ve been sidetracked there. Illness is not the only subject of such memoirs. There is also a great influx of memoirs about abusive childhoods. Again, I don’t want to read them – or if I do – I can only take them in small doses. Everyone has tragedy in their life at some time. I don’t want to dwell on my own, nor anyone else’s. So, while they are highly popular at the moment, for the most part, I avoid such books.
Invariably the author’s tell us they wrote them to ‘help others’.  I know that is a genuine sentiment, but let’s be honest,  it is self therapy. That’s certainly not a bad thing.
So where is this leading? To humor – that is where! I am not finding enough new books out there with the sole aim of making us laugh – of brightening our day. If you can recommend any, please let me know. I WANT TO LAUGH.
And if you fit any of the categories I’ve mentioned, don’t think I’m cold-hearted or uncaring. Just the opposite. I love you, I would hug you if I could and I am SO truly  happy you have survived. We are on the same  team. I just don’t want anymore tears.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joanne
    May 07, 2013 @ 01:47:26

    June, I loved your comentary about reading sad stories. Very well said and I for one, agree whole heartedly. We can’t stay stuck in grief or we will be the hostesses of a grand pity party, and pity doesn’t heal anyone. Courage it is said, is not lack of fear, it is having fear and doing it anyway. The alternative is deadly. Thanks for the insightful blog. I loved it!


  2. gpcox
    May 08, 2013 @ 10:47:48

    For a good- natured laugh, find an old Irma Bombeck book you can’t go wrong.


  3. June Collins
    May 08, 2013 @ 13:39:51

    I always loved Irma Bombeck.


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