Cyber Friends.

My mother always told me I must dress well, speak well, and mind my manners. “Just remember” she used to say, “first impressions always stick.”
Well they were the days of the fifties and sixties when things like appearance and behavior mattered.
Such things do seem to be becoming irrelevant.

They say that writing is a solitary pastime. I rather enjoy solitude. However, I was told that to promote my books, I needed to get involved with social networking. Ugh! I couldn’t think of anything worse. I am barely computer literate enough to type out my books, delete, copy and paste etc. Facebook and Twitter were dirty words to me.
Reluctantly I started checking out writers’ forums and networking sites. They all seemed boring. Everyone seemed to be desperately yelling about their books and no-one was listening. I tried a few comments but didn’t know what I was doing – couldn’t attach a photo of myself or of my books to comments etc. And one time, I commented on the wrong forum, angering a man who jumped all over me and said plenty of nasty things. e.g. “Get out of here- read the requirements” – and meanest of all, “go and learn to write.” I never returned to that site.
Fortunately I stumbled upon an amazon non-fiction authors forum. The people chatted among themselves there and welcomed me. Several bought my book and encouraged me by writing wonderful reviews. Gradually, I branched out, becoming more involved in Facebook and Twitter.
Well, I’m still not very good at it and when the conversation gets technical, I don’t always understand that different language. However, I am slowly ‘getting there’ and even beginning to enjoy it. The most enjoyable part being several lovely people with whom I have become cyber-friends. This has only happened over time, as we have chatted more and more. Several of us seem to be on the same page, as they say, and I am genuinely fond of them.
That got me to wondering what they looked like, where they were from etc. Then it hit me – none of that mattered. As I thought about it more, I realized what a good thing it was to get to know someone without being distracted by their physical appearance. Indeed, I was not conscious of shape, race, age, beauty, dress etc. only what they thought and felt. We connected on a deeper level.
So, I have become a convert of sorts. It is fun to talk with people from all over the world – especially if they have the same interests as yourself, whether it be dogs, cooking, children or writing.
So, my dear cyber-friends, know that you are really appreciated and I love hearing from you. But I’m sorry I have to run now. It’s time to check my Facebook page.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat Skene
    May 15, 2013 @ 02:57:26

    Hello June. You found my blog first and then I found you and I “like” you already, in the old fashioned way. I enjoy reading your posts and I share your aversion to Facebook and twitter. My niece and daughter are trying to convince me to join the crowd, as I have 2 new children’s books coming out next month. Your post gave me the push I need. Thank you. So nice to cyber-meet you.


  2. Cordelle LaRoche
    May 15, 2013 @ 03:22:10

    It’s funny, but if my husband has gone out of town for a week or more, I always want to look my best when I pick him up at the airport, because I always think that “first impressions” count, and that’s how he’ll think of me from then on until the next time. I haven’t figured out or found the need for twitter, but I really like keeping up with people on Facebook, because I’m not much of a phone person. Also, it was nice connecting with you on facebook…


    • June Collins
      May 15, 2013 @ 04:08:45

      This is a good example of my ineptness. I just lost my reply. Anyway, if more women dressed for their man’s arrival there might be less divorce. Glad you’re here.


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